We care about the work. A lot. Empathy is a practice for us, guided by emotional intelligence. Through this practice, we see the feelings of others as valuable. Then we solve problems with active listening and thoughtful conversation. When things need to change, we change them together. All opinions hold weight. Cultural curiosity brings us together across disciplines and backgrounds, no matter who we work for. We are also mindful that remote work can be isolating. We do our best to welcome newcomers with warmth and show genuine appreciation to our seasoned experts.
Authenticity Empathy Integrity Evolution GLOW champions a safe, inclusive environment where employees feel valued and heard. Our DE&I Council accelerates change through sustained action and accountability. We actualize this change by empowering one another to cultivate true equity in the workplace. We live out our core pillars [Authenticity, Empathy, Integrity, Evolution] to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and celebrated. Our DE&I Council is vital to our decision-making processes. This braintrust guides the agency in areas including: Communication & Engagement, Talent Acquisition, and Learning & Development. We know there is always room for improvement, and we welcome that work.
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