Hi Damian,

See below for examples of our recent work for clients at live events.

This is just a sample and of course due to the nature of live events, the real effects of our work at, during, for these are truly felt during them, and in the lead up hype and long tail afterwards.

That said, some highlights:

IFC – Film Independent Spirit Awards – we’re the social AOR for the IFC comedy TV channel, who also has their own awards show, the “Spirit Awards.” We helped them live stream it on Facebook for the first time, and were on the ground creating live content during the show to push out on social. We made content on the fly from the live TV stream to share as well.┬áThis was met with live social engagement across platforms throughout the day, night, and leading into the Oscars the next day.

Spotify – Spotify for Brands – we’re also their social AOR and have been their on the ground live event social solution for nearly two years. We’ve covered Cannes, CES, Adweek on the ground, as well as several more global events from our office in NYC (aka middle of the night when it’s in Europe!)

TBS – Final Space – TBS premiered their new show earlier this year in Nashville, the hometown of the creator. We live-streamed a Q&A of the exclusive event and were on the ground with fans capturing the debut.

Westminster Kennel Club – Dog Show – this might be a bit out of left field, but as the exclusive social partner for the “Super Bowl” for competitive dog showing, we know how to layer in social to massive events. We’ve been on the floor at Madison Square Garden six years going now, and have brought new social opportunities to this championship event.

HBO – Boxing – we covered a huge fight for HBO Boxing and broke all of their social engagement records, and then did it again for fight #2.

I hope you can see our experience with live event fan experiences and our breadth of subject matter–our expertise applies to anything.

Full details and creative example below!