The Rx for underperformance

Sometimes even Big Pharma can use a little help. And that’s why we’re here. GLOW Health focuses on creating strategic visions far seamless tactical pull-through, playing at the intersection of targeted data, emotive creative and alternate channels.

GLOW Health makes the Shortlist
GLOW is proud to announce that we've made the shortlist for two prestigious healthcare awards for our work with Covis Pharma. Use of Data/Analytics or Innovation MM+M awards & Best Overall Respiratory Campaign Apex awards.
Strategy & Community
  • 360° strategic planning
  • Analytics & insights
  • SEO/SEM/Display strategy
  • Audience targeting
  • Field sales rep support
  • Targeted HCP activation
  • Influence HCP prescribing behavior
  • Drive Rx scripts
  • KOL strategies
  • Pharmacy/retail promotions
Content & Design
  • Full launch capabilities
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Targeted messaging across all media
  • Short-form messaging for medical newsfeed
  • Full content development
  • Patient/consumer education
  • In-office/point of core materials
  • Full LMR submission capabilities
  • Formulary pull-through
Digital Innovation
  • Platform innovation
  • Email & online display media
  • Online eDetailing
  • In-feed brand reminders
  • In-office digital detail aids
  • AR for HCP/patient engagement
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) video creation
  • Website design/maintenance
  • In-feed native ads
Our Winning Ways

Traditional pharma promotion has been beneficial, but the pandemic has accelerated fundamental changes in how we interact within the healthcare ecosystem to gain the trust of healthcare providers, patients, and key decision-makers. Looking through a new lens, our focus is on a different consumer interacting with your brand. How to overcome the new challenges of staying relevant and offering timely content ta a changing audience that is consuming it much differently than before.

Experience Runs Deep With over 50 years of combined experience in the health sciences, branding, blockbuster product launches, and navigating regulatory requirements are part of our DNA. Growing market share in the ever-competitive pharma arena is where we play. And it's where we win.